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General San Martín Park

Since more than a century it is one of the largest urban green areas of Argentina. It is located near the city. Designed by French architect Jules Charles Thays, covers more than 750 acres planted with species brought from all over the world, and an artificial lake more than half a mile long.

Within the park you'll find beautiful sculptures such as a copy of The Tamers Horses and The Fountain of the Continents; the zoo provincial, the Museum of Natural Sciences, the World Cup Stadium, the Greek Theatre Frank Romero Day (where take place the National Harvest Festival) and the Cerro de la Gloria which pays homage to the General San Martin's liberating campaign.

Also inside the park you can make a variety of outdoor sports and enjoy the lake.

Pedestrian street Sarmiento

It is a great place to walk and enjoy the quaint cafes, bars, ice cream parlors and restaurants in the open air.

Holidays and weekend there are artistic and musical performances.

It is located between San Martin Av. and Plaza Independencia, from east to west, where we can find remarkable buildings such as the Pasaje San Martin, the St. Nicholas Church and St. James Church, the Provincial Legislature and the Stock Exchange.


Basílica of Saint Francis The Basilica of Saint Francis is one of the oldest buildings in the new city. It was built in 1875. It is a historical monument where you will see the baton of General Jose de San Martin and the image of the Virgen del Carmen, patroness of the Army of the Andes.

In the Basilica also rest the remains of the General's daughter, Maria de las Mercedes Tomasa San Martin and Escalada, her husband and one of the General's granddaughters.

Cathedral of Loreto Facing the Plaza Domingo Faustino Sarmiento is the Cathedral of Mendoza, much appreciated by the windows of the sacristy, rated as the most valuable in religious art in the province. These are old pieces brought from France by the first bishop of Mendoza.


The city has beautiful plazas, each with its own style.

Plaza Independencia This huge green area of four blocks sized contains the Municipal Museum of Modern Art, Quintanilla theater, Greek minitheater Artistas Mendocinos and the fair of crafts Walk of Arts.

Its many species of trees and plants are labeled with their names. The weekend is the setting for the craft fair and outdoor shows.

Plaza San Martín Between the streets 9 de Julio and España we find this beautiful plaza, in its center rises the statue of the Liberator pointing with his right arm the way that his army in the Andes followed.

Plaza Chile Located between the streets Peru and 25 de Mayo. In its central area there is a monument in memory of General San Martin and O'Higgins. Its vegetation consists of rosewood, eucalyptus and the oldest city aguaribay, make this place a beautiful walk.

Plaza Italia Between Montevideo and San Lorenzo streets. it is displayed various artworks, including the statue of Luis Perlotti, "La Loba y los pueros" and statues and friezes with Italian motifs.

Plaza España It is located between Spain and 9 July. It contains a central fountain remembering typical Spanish courtyards with majolica where we can contemplate the monument of the Spanish Argentine fraternity with commemorative friezes.


Paseo Artesanal Estación Cultural Ciudad Cultural, turistic, historical and comercial road located in the old train station San Martín.
Las Heras and Belgrano, Mendoza.

Plaza de Artesanos y Espectáculos en Plaza Independencia Craft fair and open air shows.
Patricias Mendocinas and Rivadavia, Mendoza.

Plazoleta Pellegrini Antiquarians, numismatic and collecting fair.
Av. San Juan and Alem, Mendoza


Festivals and other events

Mendoza celebrates its culture with festivals and regional events throughout the year, both the city center and wine-producing areas which are more remotely located. The great folkloric richness of the city is reflected in their traditional festivities.

Malbec World Day April 17 is the chosen day by Wines of Argentina to celebrate Malbec, the most iconic varietal of Argentina.

Vendimia In the year 2011, the National Geographic put the festival as the 2nd most important harvest festival of the world. Besides, due to both parades Vía Blanca nd Carrousel, it’s considered one of the five most important and popular festivals in the world.


  • Foundation Area Museum - MAF
    Beltrán and Videla Castillo. Plaza Pedro del Castillo. Mendoza. Tel (0261) 425-6927 -
  • Jesuit Ruins of Saint Francis
    Ituzaingó and Beltrán. Mendoza. Tel (261) 4256927 -
  • Municipal Museum of Modenr Art in Mendoza- MMAMM
    Plaza Independencia. Mendoza. Tel (0261) 425-7279 -
  • Cuyo Past Museum
    Remedios Escalada de San Martín 1843. Alameda. Mendoza. Tel (0261) 425-7947.
  • Museum of Natural Sciences and Anthropology Juan Cornelio Moyano
    South side of the lake, General San Martín Park, Mendoza. Tel (0261) 4287666 -
  • Wine House Reyter
    Urquiza 2019 and San Francisco del Monte, Guaymallén. Tel (0261) 4265698 -
  • Archeological Museum Salvador Canals Frau
    Faculty of Philosophy and Letters, UNCuyo, General San Martín Park. Mendoza.
  • Wine Museum Bodega La Rural
    Montecaseros 2625, Coquimbito, Maipú. Tel (0261) 4236031.
  • Wine and Vendimia Museum
    Casa Gargantini. Ozamis 914, Maipú. Tel (0261) 4976157.
  • Historic Museum General San Martín
    Remedios de Escalada 1843. Tel (0261) 4257947.
  • Provincial Museum of Fine Arts "Emiliano Guiñazú"- Casa Fader.
    San Martín 3651, M. Drummond, Luján de Cuyo. Tel (0261) 4960224 -
  • University Museum of Art.
    Faculty of Arts and Design, UNCuyo. General San Martín Park, Mendoza. Tel (0261) 4494069 -
  • Wine Museum Francisco Rutini - Bodega La Rural
    Montecaseros s/n, Coquimbito, Maipú, Mendoza. Tel (0261) 4972013.
  • Espacio Contemporáneo de Arte (ECA)
    9 de Julio and Gutiérrez, Mendoza. Tel: (0261) 4290117 -
  • Art Room Bodega Escorihuela
    Belgrano 1188, Godoy Cruz. Tel (0261) 4242282.

Cultural Areas

  • Nave Cultural
    The Nave Cultural, located at the heart of Central Park, ti is a new concept for the realization of cultural events, thanks to the enhancement and re-functioning of the railway shed. - Av. España and Maza, Mendoza. Tel: (0261) 449-5288 / 5293.
  • Espacio Cultural Julio Le Parc
    t is a unique area especially created for culture. Which seeks to create a new system about consumption and production of cultural goods and services; revaluing the artistic, symbolic and material heritage. - Mitre and Godoy Cruz, San José, Mendoza. Tel (0261) 4454201 -
  • Enoteca de las artes
    Exhibitions on grape growing and wine - Peltier 611, Mendoza. Tel: (0261) 4253756.


  • Municipal Theatre Julio Quintanilla
    Plaza Independencia, Mendoza Tel: (0261) 4232310 -
  • Teatro Independencia
    Chile and Espejo Ciudad. Tel: (0261) 438 0644 -
  • Teatro Plaza
    Colón 27. Godoy Cruz. Tel: (0261) 4133255.


Mendoza is located in west central Argentina, a region in the heart of the Andes.

The wineries of productive oasis, along with the practice of recreational and adventure tourism in the Andes mountains, the rivers and deserts, are the largest and most impressive attractions of Mendoza. It also has all the amenities of big cities in the world with a comprehensive proposal that includes hotels, casinos, international and local restaurants, theaters, museums and historic temples.


Mendoza is characterized by countless days of good weather and sunshine. The best time to visit our province is in autumn late March and during spring late September. The summer landscapes are also beautiful and winter with astonishing and beautiful snowy mountains.

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    Av. San Martín and San Lorenzo / España and Necochea / Av. San Martín and Peatonal Sarmiento.
  • Link
    9 de Julio 1228 / Av. San Martín 1026 / España 500 (Tribunales Provinciales)


  • Banco Banex
    Av. San Martín 1190. Tel:(0261) 449-8800
  • Banco Columbia
    Av. San Martín 1273. Tel:(0261) 425-3888
  • Banco Regional de Cuyo
    Av. San Martín 841. Tel:(0261) 438-0333
  • Cambio Express
    Espejo 58. Tel:(0261) 429-1441
  • Cambio Santiago
    Av. San Martín 1199. Tel:(0261) 420-0277
  • Cash
    Av. San Martín 1175. Tel:(0261) 461-2222
  • Maguitur
    Av. San Martín 1203. Tel:(0261) 425-1575
  • Montemar
    Av. San Martín 1152. Tel:0810-666-83627 / (0261) 449-0500


Turistic info centers

  • Ministry of Tourism of Mendoza
    San Martín 1143. Tel: 0810-666-6363 / (0261) 4132101 -
  • Mendoza Airport
    Ruta Nac. Nº 40, Acceso Norte, KM15. Tel: (0261) 5206000
  • Dirección de Turismo de Malargüe
    Ruta 40 Norte. Malargue. Tel: (0260) 4471659/4471096
  • Dirección de Turismo de San Rafael
    Av. Hipólito Yrigoyen esq. Ballofet. San Rafael. Tel: (0260) 4424217

Useful phones

Phone codes

Telephone numbers in Mendoza City have seven digits. Local calls do not require any dialing code.

For calls within the country, the first number is 0 and then the area code plus local number. And for international calls, it goes 00 plus international phone number.

For those who want to call the City of Mendoza from outside the country, they must dial the local prefix number (0054 0261) for a landline, and number 9 (0054 9261) for mobile phone.


From Mendoza City.

General Alvear
323 km
Godoy Cruz
4 km
6 km
50 km
La Paz
140 km
Las Heras
5 km
36 km
Luján de Cuyo
19 km
16 km
421 km
60 km
San Carlos
106 km
San Martín
43 km
San Rafael
232 km
Santa Rosa
81 km
82 km
78 km

Caminos del Vino (wine roads)

Mendoza wineries are among the best in the world. From small and family boutique wineries, to the most emblematic, large and modern ones.

Mendoza is one of the largest and most productive wine regions of the world with breathtaking scenery where the Andean valleys and rivers, the terroir, the intense sun and blue skies are intertwined.

The Hispanic roots of the vine past centuries, transformed into native species, associated with Italian, French and Middle Eastern vines, have created unique and novel varieties in dry and sunny climate, fertile volcanic soil and watered by pure water thaw.

The traveler will find a great variety and quality of wines and their derivatives, according to the melting pot that make their productive ethnicities, with its customs and traditions.

Caminos del Olivo (olive roads)

The Olive Route is one of the newest attractions of this city, just minutes from downtown, small and large establishments open their doors to offer tastings of olive oils, Creole, Arauco, Arbequina, chamomile and other varieties, first pressure virgin oils and high quality.

In the olive establishments you can also purchase other groceries and cosmetic products made ​​with olive.

In Lavalle area, 36 km from the city, it is possible to find Oil factories and olive sub​-products.


Opportunities abound for adventure tourism in Mendoza. Rafting, mountain biking, hiking, skiing and horseback riding in the Andean foothills are among the possibilities.

Even for the more adventurous, the climbing on Aconcagua, the highest peak on the continent.


Mendoza offers the best cuisine in the region and the world. Stunning mountain scenery and charming vineyards, astonishing places in the beautiful city, that invite tourists to enjoy unique flavors.

High Mountain

Uspallata Valley Just 100 km from the city of Mendoza at an altitude of 1900m above sea level, this valley has always been a place of choice for hundreds of tourists looking to explore the plains of Mendoza.

It has a wide range of services including restaurants, lodging, as well as an attractive range of activities ranging from sport fishing, climbing, adventure tourism, cultural and holiday tourism and a Casino Provincial office.

Penitentes Located in the Cordillera de Los Andes, Los Penitentes, it is considered one of the most popular skiing centers of Mendoza. It has tracks of varying difficulty levels, which makes it very appealing for amateurs and beginners.

Puente del Inca (Inca bridge) A 175 km from the city of Mendoza, on the International Route 7, and 2719m above sea level, stands Puente del Inca, a natural formation that serves as passage on the river Las Cuevas.

Aconcagua Hills of different colors frame the eternal snows of Mount Aconcagua, the Stone Sentinel. Its 6959m magnified even more this great Andean mountain, considered the highest peak on the continent.

The climbing season of Aconcagua extends from November to March. The Aconcagua Provincial Park has rangers, shelters, mid route climbing camping, mule rent, and a small supplies store.

Cristo Redentor (Christ the Redeemer) Sign of bonding and fraternity ties with the neighboring country of Chile, this centuries-old statue is standing up to 3854m above sea level as a boundary between Argentina and Chile.

Made by Argentine sculptor Mateo Alonso in 1904, represented by the image of Jesus of Nazareth standing, faithfully symbolizes the brotherhood between the two countries. At the foot of the image it can be read: These mountains will collapse, before Chileans and Argentines break the peace sworn at the foot of Christ the Redeemer.

Villavicencio Located 49 kilometers from the city of Mendoza , Villavicencio stands as one of the natural reserves that integrates the Network of Protected Natural Areas of the province.

t is also possible to enjoy this reserve on the way from Uspallata Provincial on Route 52, along the path or road commonly called Caracoles, both routes end at the old Hotel Villavicencio, architectural reflection of the 40s, recognized by the presence of mineral and thermal water.

Chacras de Coria

CChacras de Coria is 12km from the city of Mendoza. It is an alternative for those who seek tranquility, green trees and old houses with an excellent highlander microclimate.

In this rural small town, the visitor will discover wineries, inns and upscale lodge as well as a wide gastronomic offer for his enjoyment.

Green areas, street fairs, public entertainment and much more, will discover the visitor when coming to this small magical village.

Also worth visiting Plaza Geronimo Espejo, known for its arts and its antique shops and craft fair.

The surroundings of the village are highly recommended for sports such as hiking, mountain biking or hiking and horseback riding.

San Rafael and Malargüe

San Rafael It is located in the south of the province of Mendoza, 232km from the city, next to the Atuel and Diamante rivers is a natural paradise with beautiful scenery.

San Rafael offers many adventure activities such as rafting, hiking, mountain biking, jet skiing, wind surfing, kayaking, fishing, snorkeling, horseback riding, enduro, 4 x 4, paragliding and abseiling in an area with incredible natural beauty.

You can also visit traditional wineries that produce excellent quality wines and champagnes.

It is a real tourist option thanks to the combination of its astonishing areas like Valle Grande Canyon Atuel, El Nihuil, dams and lakes Reyunos, El Tigre, Agua de Toro, the Old Villa 25 de Mayo, among others, providing alternatives to enjoy nature.

Malargüe It is 450 km from the capital of the province of Mendoza. Considered a fascinating place for adventure tourism, are many and varied options for touring around Malargüe and in full contact with nature. Among its main attractions there are the Cave of the Witches, the Castles of Pincheira, the Llancanelo and Payunia lagoons, the four of them declared Provincial Parks, where amazement and legends come together to make the visit unforgettable. Interesting geological and paleontological trekking, rafting, climbing, abseiling , canyoning , zip lining , horseback riding through the Andes, fly fishing and bird watching are few of the many activities that complete the tourist offer of Malargüe.

Malargüe is accessed from the International Ski Resort Las Leñas. We also recommend visiting the waterfalls of Manqui Malal, the Pozo de las Ánimas and the Laguna de la Niña Encantada.

Ski centers

Las Leñas Las Leñas is one of the most important ski and snowboard centers of Argentina, it is located south of Mendoza, northwestern of Malargüe.

Las Leñas has exceptional conditions regarding the quality of its snow, terrain and climate, thus it is highlighted as international ski resort in winter, as for the practice of adventure tourism, spa tourism and fishing in the summer.

Las Leñas has a slalom stadium and 27 tracks enabled with a maximum skiable length of 7050m, including one of the longest intermediate level tracks in the world. With accommodation and first class cuisine, and ski and snowboard schools.

Penitentes Located in the Cordillera de Los Andes, Los Penitentes has tracks with varying difficulty levels, and a stunning landscape, being one of the most chosen destinations by tourists in Mendoza.

Mendoza is an atractive province, delicate , stylish , under the majesty of the mountains.
Wine is the main protagonist and by its hand we guide you to the best options that you can visit.
Blend guide the tourist to the most relevant places offered in our province.


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